IP Fire HA cluster with Keepalived

Dear all,
I want to use two IPFIRE boxes as HA-Cluster for redundancy. For this I found

What I do not really understand how this both boxes are synced on a regular basis, so that all configurations are the same and also all current DHCP leases are kept synchronous.

Hello @herby ,

if your network configuration allows it, have you also considered installing a dual-wan router (with eg load-balancing) because that would allow only one IPfire to be maintained ?

Most dual-wan routers are “boxed” firewall themselves…

My intention was more to have two separate modems and two separate hardware-boxes with IPFIRE. What I’m was looking for is how to keep the synced (e.g. DKCP…)

I am working a bit on this to do this with Corosync. Once i have something packed i will ask people to try this out.

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