IP Fire for 150 Users

Hi, I recently have a client which I will build their Network. I mean, totally from just a workgroup type where they just connect from the router and work. Now they want to make it much better. A server AD, Files Server, Exchange as well. All things I can do. But can the IPFIRE handle such task?
There are 100 users gonna connect to their network and VPN is a must.
I was planning to recommend them dell r610 server for the IPFIRE hardware. But I still have 5 days to send them quotations and stuffs. So still have time to think. The office just do normal office things.
Thank you. Sorry for my bad english.

Maybe you could consider to advocate for purchasing from lightning wire lab one of their high end machines that comes with a preinstalled and optimized IPFire. Even an assistance contract with them would be mutually beneficial. I am not affiliated in anyway with them, it’s just that this way you can help supporting the development of IPFire, as well as making your customers happy.


You must be mistaken. You can’t seriously recommend a DDR3 System that’s 11 years old. Or you just want to make fun of us or want to be funny :joy:.

I wouldn’t take a 1U system either. 2U is much easier to upgrade and/or maintain.

Seriously consider entropy for 100+ users. The Xeon in that server may support RDRAND and keep up encryption but I would research to be sure, otherwise remote users may experience some serious lag/connection issues. Also consider hardware vulnerabilities to make sure the proposed CPU is not mitigated to death greatly reducing it’s capability. Or, if the server has a TPM, make sure it is supported.

I would like to know too what hardware is available that would support 150 users,

I think in general, you need double that number because each user is using more than 1 device: desktop, laptop, tablets, phones etc… This might bring you to a number of concurrent connections the firewall needs to handle, I read somewhere to use 50 connections per device as an example.

There is also bandwidth throughput, IPS throughput, VPN throughput and IMIX throughput,
and that might depend on possible entropy performance as @disturbedDragon mentioned

I was considering to get a used Fortinet and flash it with IPfire,
I don’t really have an answer as you see :frowning: