IP Fire - 802.1x Configuration Problems (FreeRADIUS)

Hey people,

i have big problems configuring ip fire to work with a freeradius server and thought about you, giving some hints to me perhaps. :slight_smile:

ip fire should be the authenticator and “ask” freeradius about the permission to open the connection from the green network to the wan. I just changed the necessary configuration of IP Fire. That it should use red/green/orange and assigned the interfaces. In the orange net there is the freeradius server (ubuntu server) and in the green net there are the clients (ubuntu/w10). The clients in the green net get their ip adresses dynamicallyfrom DHCP (same Problem with static IPs). The clients in the green network send their requests over the integrated ip-fire proxy in non transparent mode. Clients and server can ping addresses in the wan and each other. So everybody can reach everybody.

After the installation of Freeradius i did the recommended functional test of the “getting started” section and it worked correctly. Now i cant find a solution to work with ipfire as an authenticator. Actually there are just a few settings to configure in the userinterface.


I set up the following.

IP and Ports (1812/1813) of the Radius Server, the Shared Secret, the hostname of the Radius Servers.

Activated user identification and added the existing user (same as i tested locally, working fine) to the whitelist.

If i now restart the server / clients, the clients are connected to the internet without identification by dhcp. for testing i deactivated the servers firewall. in the freeradius debugging shell nothing happens.

Sorry because of my bad english. perhaps you have some idea what i obviously forgot to consider or perhaps had the same problem…

Would be nice to get some information.

Kind regards