IP decreases Internet connection by more than 500Mbps

I confirmed by enabling and disabling IP that it’s reducing my ISP connection by over 500Mbps. I’m thinking it is hardware related, but none of the system status charts show IPFire is being taxed. CPU usage, memory, media, etc. are all within normal parameters. Setting it to “monitor only” doesn’t affect the speed.

My box has an Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J1900 @ 1.99GHz w/ 4GB RAM. Ideas?

maybe too many rules for IPS? How many rules are turned on?

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I had 23 rules turned on, but the CPU usage was low. The processor has 4 cores and normally uses only 2.

Could you please read this thread.
This could be a similar problem.


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MTU setting sounds plausible. I will give it a try. Many thanks!

I found the MTU setting for my ISP and added that to the setup, but it only made a difference when I turned off IPS on green and blue, and only used it on red.

Also, I tried turning on the monitor traffic button when I was troubleshooting, and now when I uncheck that box, IPS stops working altogether and most of the controls disappear. I only see the IPS status and which ruleset to choose. All the other settings and boxes are gone. I have a backup from the last version update, but it must have been created when I was troubleshooting and restores the config with the monitor traffic button checked. When I reset using that backup file, the IPS controls are restored, but I still can’t uncheck the monitor traffic box without the same thing happening.

Any ideas? Can I use a backup from two versions ago? Will that cause a conflict?