IoT-Based Firewall on a Raspberry Pi 4

Good Day Everyone! So me and my friends are making an IoT-Based Firewall for our project using Raspberry Pi 4. I would like to ask if we can use IPFire as our software tool. Our objective in our project is to prevent attacks like DDOS attack (we saw that this software has an IPS) on different devices including IoT devices also to implement AAA protocol to have a more secure Firewall. Thank you very much and sorry if you will be confuse in my questions

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It sounds good to me!

This might help you get started:


Sorry for the late response as we tried to look for another options. We were still figuring out how can we install the IPFire since the ARM version is no longer available, as we have searched it says that only the ARM version of the IPFire works on the raspberry pi. We’re just bunch of beginners so we do not really know exactly, but we tried to install both of the available image in our raspberry pi and none of them work it only showed black screen. Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

The flash image you need is the one labelled aarch64 (Arm 64 bit) on the download site.


This will help install the image on an SD card:


Thank you so much guys! We’re going to try it right now!!

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It kinda worked but it was stuck on a black screen with a blinking hypen/line. We did everything in the instructions

Sadly mmc1 error persist

Could you post the MMC error?

mmc1: invalid bus width
mmc1: error -22 whilst initialising SD card

The sd card is properly inserted and we also tried to reformat the card and re-flash ipfire. Thanks!

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Did the re-flashing work OK?

If not, then take a look at these posts:

EDIT: updated link:


see this post:


The re-flashing didn’t work but we’ll try everything you sent. Thank you very much!!! Much appreciated!

This one solved our problem, including the editing of boot.cmd

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