Internet issues via router


I just installed ipfire, current config

red, green, blue, orange

I can access internet fine when laptop connected to the port directly but once I connect the router it will have internet for a split second and than nothing. can someone help?

How do you connect the laptop to the IPFire machine, cable or wifi?

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@nicosh , welcome to the IPfire community.

How is your configuration?
Can you ping from IPfire’s console?
Can you connect to the WUI from your laptop?

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Cable, same as the router

When connected with the laptop, i can access the WUI fine, then I remove the cable, connect the router, which does not connect to the internet

It is not clear at all what you are doing.

You need to have the IPFire machine connected to a modem (or a router or a fiber media converter) on the ethernet port you have assigned to the red zone. After that, you need to successfully manage to connect to your provider. What kind of connection do you have? VDSL, Fiber?

Then, you connect the laptop to the next ehternet port on the IPFire machine which you have assigned to the green zone; AT THE SAME TIME you need to be connected both with the red interface and the green one. Is this what you are doing? Can you connect to IPFire via console? Can you ping from the IPFire machine (accessed by console) your provider gateway?

Please give details, otherwise none will be able to help you.


I have the IPFire machine connected to the ISP modem, RED Interface.
When connecting a laptop to directly to the GREEN Interface the internet is accessible and works very well.
When I remove the laptop and connect the WAN Port of my router (Archer C2300) to the GREEN Interface router (Archer C2300) will not connect to the internet.

RED Interface DHCP
Green Interface
|Network|IP address|Status|
INTERNET||Connected - (15h 48m 3s)|Hostname:|ipfire.nhhome|

Network IP address Status
LAN Proxy on
Wireless Proxy off
DMZ Online

I hope this helps.

Yes I connect to the WUI no problem

How do you connect your devices?

Standard setuo is:
WAN <—> Modem/Router <----> [red0 <—> IPFire ↔ green0] <----> LAN <—> laptop

Where is your router C2300 located in this config?

IPFire machine has 4 ports
This scenario:
WAN/MODEM/Router <—>red0 IPFire
IPFire ↔ green1] <—> LAN <—> Laptop
Internet is accessible.

In this scenario:
WAN/MODEM/Router <—>red0 IPFire
IPFire ↔ green1] <—> LAN <—> Archer C2300 <—> Laptop via local wifi
No Internet access

Thank you

Your two scenarios show IMO the “bad guy”, the Archer C2300
Is this device configured as wireless router or ( better ) as AP?
If can’t get a connection Archer - laptop, you have no chance to get a connection WAN - laptop,

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Hi Nick,

Do you have a option in the archer C2300 to be a AP(access point)? like @bbitsch said its the best way to do that.

If you don’t have the option you need to tell the C2300 that the Ipfire will give the ip-addresses, it call somtinge like dhcp forwarding where you can put in the ipfire green ipaddress as the dhcp agend .

in my eraly days of ipfire i was using routers as AP, and had one that was not abel to change in a AP so needed to solf it like that.

I hoop dis help you.

Best regards


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hope this helps

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