Intel Server PXE Boot Issue - Seeking Assistance

Hello Everyone

I hope this message finds you all well. I am writing today to seek some guidance and assistance regarding an issue I am currently facing with an Intel server and PXE boot functionality.

Description of the Issue:
I have recently encountered a problem with an Intel server where the PXE boot functionality is not working as expected. When attempting to boot from the network using PXE, the server fails to initiate the boot process and encounters an error. This issue is hindering our ability to deploy new operating systems or perform necessary network-based tasks on this server.

Steps Taken:

Verified network connectivity: I have checked the network connections on the server and confirmed that it is properly connected to the network.
Checked BIOS settings: I have reviewed the BIOS settings to ensure that PXE boot is enabled and configured correctly.
Verified DHCP and TFTP server settings: I have double-checked the DHCP and TFTP server configurations to ensure they are correctly set up for PXE booting.
Tested with different network cables: To rule out any potential cable issues, I have tested different network cables with the server.

Despite these efforts, the PXE boot issue persists. I am now turning to this knowledgeable community for any suggestions or possible solutions that you may have encountered in similar situations.

Questions and Requests:

Has anyone experienced a similar issue with an Intel server and PXE boot? If so, how did you resolve it?
Are there any specific troubleshooting steps or configuration settings that I might have missed?
Is there any additional information or logs that I should gather to aid in the troubleshooting process?

I genuinely appreciate any insights or assistance you can provide in resolving this PXE boot issue. Your expertise and guidance would be immensely valuable in getting our server back up and running smoothly.

Thank you in advance for your time and support!

Hi @devinmarco

Welcome to the IPFire community.

There was a bug with PXE due to a change in the naming conventions of the download file back in Core Update 170.

The fix for that issue Bug#13078 was confirmed fixed in Core Update 175.
That was when using the ipxe.iso pxe install method. Your problem may or may not be related to that as you are using the dhcp/tftp approach.

Which Core Update are you trying to install?

Also when you have the problem what error message is being shown. If possible a screen shot would be good, otherwise just record what the error message is.