Intel I225 for IPFire (Kernel 4.20)

Does someone know, which Kernel the latest IPFire-Release have?
I like to know, if the Intel I225 is working.
The Infopage from Intel says, it needs at least Linux-Kernel 4.20


Hi @zonediver

Core Update 158 has kernel 4.14.232

Core Update 159 is being worked on to get it to testing stage and has kernel 5.10.53

Hi Adolf and thanks for your help.
Do you know, if a driver for this intel-card is includet at Core 159?

My understanding is that the drivers that will be available are what come with the kernel version. However I am not familiar enough with the kernels to be able to figure out if it includes the i225 driver or not.

I just searched @arne_f kernel tree for 5.10 and i225 is mentioned in many places in the code so it looks like it should be available when Core Update 159 is released.