Installing on RPI3B+ but cannot find the files to edit

I am a returning user on IPFire, I ran it off a USB stick on a regular laptop a while back. I’ve decided to install it on a Raspberry 3B+, and I have flashed my SD-card with Rufus using the Core Update 174 ISO.

The boot process on the RPi stops when the four IPFire “per core” icons appear, and I get a flashing cursor just beneath that. The RPi will eventually just reboot and repeat this.

I have seen that it needs the user to edit the filre uENV.txt file so that “SERIAL-CONSOLE= OFF”.
This file does not exist on the flashed SD-card, or if I mount the download ISO as a drive in my system.

The root directory of my SD card (and the ISO mounted as a drive) as it appears in Windows 10 is:


Neither config.txt or uENV.txt exists within these files and directories.
Am I doing something wrong, or did something change recently ?

Thanks for any help in advance!

The downloaded ISO file is not suitable for RPi3. You need to download then flash the IMG.XZ file, using the procedure at flash dot.xz file

Then follow the procedure at install to RPi3B+


“flash dot.xz file” links to “book a table” at some restaurant “Southern Cross Club”.

Alternatively follow the flash instructions in the wiki.

My bad - this bug in copy & paste has been in KDE for only about 20 yr

This would be the latest released image file for aarch64 …

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