Installing ipfire into local Hyper-V unknown credentials

Hi at all,

I tried to install ipfire as a VM in Hyper-V (host: W10 Pro 1909). The installation works fine, but the first time after the installation (license, partition, file system, etc.) the system waits for the login.

Does anyone knows the credentials?
I know that virtualizing IPfire is not recommended. It is only for testing.

did you give it a hostname / domainname during setup?

I just did an ipf139 install on VB and got no errors.

No chance to give a hostname or network setup after first reboot. I’m irritated with “Importing Microsoft Azure configuration for instance”. Never seen this before.

Did you set 2 Cores for the vm the 64 bit Kernel needs them?.

Yes 2 cores. I wrote it’s for testing and host system have enough cores.

Strange. Which Image have you used? Try install again with x64.

Create a bug for this. The installation seems to wrongly detect that is running on Microsoft Azure cloud server.

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@anon65703081 Image is 138 x86/x64

@arne_f a wrong detection was also my guess. changing the MAC vendor brought no improvement

^C during boot breakes the azure detection. Setup is possible but reboot hangs on azure detection again.

Same here. On first boot after fresh install of 2.23 Core 139 x86_64, I see the same screen as shown above. Installed in VM (I gave 4 cores) on Hyper-V (Server 2019).
@xeonium the ^C-trick seems not to work for me, so I can’t use IPFire anyway.

As workaround use the core 133( or earlier) image and patch it up to date.
They(We) are on the way to fix it.
Azure use Hyper-V of course. And it is difficult to make differents of both(cloud/local).

yes that’s the way i planed to proceed as i read the comments (and code) on bugzilla.
thanks for your help