Installing IPfire 2.27 core 180 on Asus PL64

When I try to install IPfire on this hardware (with keyboard on USB and IPfire ISO on USB) I get thru the booting of the device and I select: Install IPfire 2.27, then I see the IPFire installation starting until the Language selection screen appears and there I cannot select or OK anything because my keyboard doesn’t work anymore.
I tested the USB-Stick on another Computer and there it worked without any problems.
Since the keyboard is working on the ASUS device in Grub mode and when I select the OS, there must be something wrong or incompatible when IPfire setup is lauched.
Anybody any ideas?

Asus PL64?

Seems that USB do not work correctly with your current keyboard. Did you try also another one?

Yes, I tried a DELL keyboard and a Logitech. They work both on Grub but not on IPFire setup.
Maybe the setup is hung because of anything else but I can’t test that without a working keyboard.

Well… sheep happens.
For PL64 has been published a bios 1.08.00 which in changelog refers only for RAID support. However.
Option 1: try with different distro for have a comparative experience if is a crappy BIOS from Asus or a improper detection from IpFire
Option 2: consider to study unattended install, once fetched the Macaddresses of the wired LAN cards using a live distro.
Option 3: does the bios allow different kind of boot/CSM/legacy options? Tweaking that might change scenario.

Dear Pike
I have updated the BIOS to 1.08 and now it works. Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

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Nice update, glad worked for you.
IDK if this info might be useful to put in some sort of “we know that on this device”…

Please, keep posted with the results of your installation