Installation complete - sitting at login prompt

I’m a little embarrassed to ask this, but what do I do now? The install is complete, and followed the install instruction from the Wiki beautifully, but now I’m sitting at a login prompt, and the instructions jump to a Web login for configuration.

What do I do with this login prompt?

I do not complete understand whats your problem? It sounds for me you stuck at

Step 6: What’s next?

Yes, you’re spot on. The installation completed, and there is now a login prompt on the screen. The Wiki instructions stop there and move to a web login.

Am I supposed to login from this command line prompt? Is the service running regardless?

I’m sorry for the confusion, and simplicity of my problem. I just don’t want to do this the wrong way.

If the istallation is done (Step5 finish) forget the console and log into the WUI on Step 6.

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Your ipfire is running, you do not need to login to the console. Go to another system on your network, start a browser and go to https://ip-address:444 That ip-address is the GREEN network according how you set it up during setup. Example

red: dhcp from your ISP
green: or or

hope this helps


Thanks to both of you. I’ll ignore the login prompt and continue via the web UI.

Despite repeating facts written in the wiki, the general structure of IPFire is just like any actual Linux system.
The OS is running and doing its routing / firewalling job.
For configuration and monitoring there are two user interfaces:

  • the console ( shell ) with login as root
  • the web interface with login as admin

The basic philosophy is to configure the system through the WUI. The scripts for this interface do the real configuration of the components. These settings are stored separate from the config files of the various applications.
The console is used more or less for in-depth inspections of the logs or states.

You should just dig around a bit to get a feeling/knowledge of this.

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Thank you Bernhard. Indeed, I am reading and learning. I appreciate your feedback.