Install IPFire on Open Media Vault?

Hey guys,
I wonder if this is possible to install IPFire on OMV :
Basically OMV is an Open Media and integrate Docker and a lot of plugins. Need your insight.

OMV is like the name tells a media server. I don’t think it is a good idea to integrate IPFire ( an internet gateway appliance ) as a plugin.
The IPFire functionality should be between WAN and local network(s).

Not sure of the use case for this. or how you would implement this.
Docker is a host
VM thinks it’s Bare metal. Can isolate hardware to VM only. like NIC cards.
Most people that are running a router on their server are using a VM.
Singe point of failure.
I like bare metal.
Good luck

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Hi there,
So if I understand a Bare metal server with hypervisor allow a PC to run multiple OS so I can have a OMV server and IPFire OS one a single Processor?. Thanks

You can do it. But it isn’t really recommended.

So I need a complete different motherboard, or cloud service like Linode or AWS, in order to run IPFire?

I’m with Bernhard on this one.

If you would like to try it in a home lab. Go for it.
You will face additional challenges you would nornally not face.

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