Install Ipfire (latest version) in Odroid H2+ & how to install driver Realtek RTL8125

Hello everyone: I am new to the community
I downloaded the latest version of Ipfire x86_64 to install it on Odroid H2+ (more information on
I can’t install Ipfire because it doesn’t recognize the two network cards 2.5GbE (Realtek RTL8125).
I downloaded the network card drivers from the realtek website for linux (more information at .
My question: How do I include the REALTEK drivers on the Ipfire iso so that during installation Ipfire will recognise the two network cards of the odroid H2+?
Thanks to all those who would kindly like to help me

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Not sure this will help.
But You will need to build a whole new kernel.
I’m sure there are better links on how to do that.

Hi, I am also interested in the support for RTL8125B driver.

As I can read in the thread, it has to be added into the main kernel.

Any news or progress on this?

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