Install "expect" under IPfire 2 with pakfire

Hi to all.

I’d like to use “expect” under IPfire 2.23 138.

Within;a=commit;h=eee037b8902c3163850069f302479e7733966bd0 I found lfs/expect and under;a=blob;f=lfs/expect;h=ac4752be9855055430da639a697ddd7506a923a8;hb=eee037b8902c3163850069f302479e7733966bd0 it seems, that expect 5.45 should be available.

But don’t know how to install, because pakfire install expect tells me that it is not known.

Thanx and regards,


expect is not available for IPFire installations yet. It is only used for bootstraping the toolchain to build IPFire on different Linux distributions.

What is your use-case for this?

Hi Michael.

Want to use “expect” for automatic login to a remote-system via SSH with username/password.



I definitely would advise against this. This is error-prone and dangerous. Is there no chance you can use SSH keys?

No, sadly there is no possibility to use ssh-keys. That’s the reason for “expect”.
Alternatively is sshpass an option? Or an sftp-client?

It depends on what you want to do.

We can of course add expect. That is not a problem. I just think it is not the most elegant solution to your problem :slight_smile:

sftp exists, but probably would want to do authentication using keys as well.