Install addon hostapd without RED

Is there a way to use pakfire without access to the internet?

I am having issues with my RED NIC and I have to switch to Wifi as RED.

Hostapd is not installed and IPFIRE has no access to the internet.

Thank you for any suggestions

I am afraid not. All the addons get downloaded from the internet.

The only thing I can think of is to connect the working NIC to RED and then run pakfire from the console command line (ie without the WUI) to download hostapd.


I’ve been running CU 176 Testing without any issues, on my fairly basic setup. If your Realtek’s work there, then you would need to run that mode for only a few weeks before CU 176 Stable is released.

It’s also possible to purchase NIC having chip other than Realtek, although it could be difficult to ascertain whether or not the chip is supported by Linux.

hostapd is only needed for the accesspoint mode. If you want the wifi for red you don’t need it. Assign the nic for red and configure it in the WebGUI.
“System → Wireless Client” is only present if a wireless card is assigned to red.


Thank you so much Arne,
That is something I would’ve never find :heart_eyes: