Install 2 WLAN cards

I currently have a WLE600VX installed in my setup. I also have an older WLE200NX card. The 600VX can enable up to 802.11ac while the 200NX can only support 802.11 a/b/g/n. Some of my Wi-Fi devices can take advantage of ac but not all of them. Can I install both cards on the same device and configure them independently to enable a connection for ac supported devices and a separate connection for gn supported devices? Are there any tips or warnings for this kind of setup?

Dear Silver Phoenix,

I have started my home firewall project a couple of years ago, using aged desktop computers (Leaf, SmoothWall, IP-Cop, ect.). Let me say 25 years ago, to protect our oldest sons, and, of course, our home intranet. As far as I remember, I have switched to Alix motherboard 12 years ago with a similar firewall like IPFire. Nowadays I have moved to IPFire, due to lack of support to my previous FW software.
So somehow I am not so newbie and I am not so expert. I really like this IPFire. I will have two instances soon based on Alix mobos in my old and new flat.

Firstly, could you specify your board?
Secondly, have you ever seen “setup” in your instance? I mean network configuration.

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