Incomplete Screen on Firewall Rules edit

This morning I wanted to update a firwall rule, but I could not, because the editing screen only shows the first part “Source”. The rest is not there, so I cannot press a button. See the attached png. I suspect that things went wrong with installation of core151, because that was the only change since I did something to firewall rules the last time, so i installed core152, which showed up when login in. But this did nothing. No matter wheter I try to add a rule or change an existing one, only “Source” is there, nothing more.

What’s wrong?


A search in the community gives:

There is also the link to the bugzilla post with the temporary solution. :wink:


Thanks for this. I did not recognise this post. Obviously, I used improper search terms :roll_eyes:

‘Rule’ is the term in both postings. :wink: