Improve entropy?

Hello everyone

Browsing the Internet I have found the following that may improve the entropy of machines that lack AES-NI.

I imagine that it would take some implementation of this in IPFire, but if it could, it would be good.

Someone who knows a little about this, who gives his opinion since it may not be possible.


Hi roberto,
have build them (jitterentropy-library and jitterentropy-rngd) longer time ago and populated them also in the old forum --> for a potential testing and discussion scenario. This topic includes also a link to both binaries but they are not actual. Am build them currently again in actual version which needs some time.



AES-NI has nothing to do with entropy. You are thinking of RDRAND.

And this is already running inside the kernel. It uses exactly the same algorithm and I am not sure if any entropy can be fed to the kernel after the CRNG has been seeded. So I suppose those userspace tools have no effect.

Thanks Michael for clarify.


Didn´t know this myself but thanks for the question and the information :slightly_smiling_face: