Implication of EOL firmware announcement for APU boards?

Due to statements in and Announcement - Dasharo Universe I get the impression that v4.19.0.1 might be the last APUx firmware update shipped as a pakfire packet, true?


I don’t think anyone else has anything more than what is in the announcement but reading it I would agree that the existing provision of firmware updates has stopped after

Also from the announcement it looks like they want to to have a subscription charging model to get access to future firmware updates.


I’m Piotr 3mdeb founder.

If anything is not clear please let me know. This is first time we had to announce such information. The result is not perfect but we want to learn.

This is one of the options. At this point little bit more than 50% of survey respondents is ok with subscription model. There are also many suggestions how to handle this issue in other ways. Feel free to provide feedback it matters a lot for us.

Thank you for supporting PC Engines and open-source firmware.


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