IGMPproxy configuration

Can you help me in any way?

I reinstalled everything, so it’s possible to do it all over again

Ilya @papasha1213

Please keep in mind all of the people that respond to IPFire Community posts are volunteers. So some issues may take a few days for a response. ( cfusco is one of those volunteers )

If quicker response is needed, I believe there is paid support available. I have not reviewed the paid support so I know little to nothing about it.

Hope that helps explain why immediate response is not available.


I know very little about IGMP.
Off topic.

But why are you not using IPFire as DNS server?

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For faster internet

Hi @papasha1213,

for the records, I just put this thread into a “slow mode” to avoid any further commenting spam.

As @jon already pointed out, participants in this forum help you on a best-effort basis, without any guaranteed response times or SLAs whatsoever. Should you need commercial support, please head over to this site (full disclosure: I am not affiliated with Lightning Wire Labs GmbH in any way).

I also second @cfusco’s comment: Both for IPFire itself as well as this forum, minimal networking skills are a must. Unfortunately, we don’t have capacity here to teach you everything from scratch, or to walk you through every single step of your IPFire’s configuration in full detail.

As for the documentation situation with your ISP, this is something we cannot compensate either. Please file a ticket at Rostelecom to provide you with the information necessary to get everything working - after all, you are a paying customer. :slight_smile:

No offense intended. I hope this post helps to make this thread a bit less dangling.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller


For what so 4 hours, do at least 5 or 10 minutes

Well, why?

Please help me with the setup, Igmpproxy