Icinga2, instead of the old version one?

hello guys, can be implemented icinga2 in add-ons
instead of the old version?

Hi @alex69,

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I suspect that the person who originally got Icinga installed as an add-on is no longer keeping it updated. Generally the add-ons depend on someone in the community being interested in one and picking it up to “own” it and keep it updated.

It really needs to be taken up by someone who uses that add-on and can test out each update before it gets released.


These two links cover how to build add-ons and how to submit patches into the development list.

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Thank you for your answer @bonnietwin, the function you gave works perfectly :+1:

I recently found out that icinga2 is used at the CERN research facility
I believe that updating on IPFire the add-on would satisfy many us - ipfire users

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