Icinga HTTP service CRITICAL

After installing and running icinga I have 1 major error showing up. “connect to address and port 80: Connection refused”. This should be an easy fix but for some reason I can’t find the cause. Firewall?? If anyone has any idea where to even start please point me in that direction. All other services show to be working correctly. Only the 1 error out of all that is monitored. Also, during IPFire bootup, there is an icinga error: Can’t locate strict.pm in @INC (need to install strict module). Would that cause a service problem? I have no idea what I need to install from your website to cure that error either. I have spent a lot of time online googling and reading. So far I have found nothing. Any responses to this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

strict.pm is available in the updated perl version but when I did the perl update and looked for all the programs that needed to be updated due to the perl version update I missed the icinga addon. Therefore icinga will still be looking for strict.pm in the directory path with the old perl version number which no longer exists in CU171.

Unfortunately no one tested icinga when CU170 was issued for Testing so it wasn’t spotted before the full release occurred.

I will do a patch update to force a ship of icinga to ensure that it has the links to the perl location updated. That should be able to get into CU172.

Whether this would cause the service problem you are seeing I can’t be certain but it wouldn’t surprise me as it is missing one of its required perl modules.

Thank you very much for your reply. I have Icinga working now but it still shows the same error during boot. If you should release a patch before the release of 172 please let me know. Again, thank you very much for your information.