I´d like to have an IPAD network

Hello community,
i have a few IPFire´s here in a few schools which are getting a lot of mobile devices these days.
For those devices i need a second and maybe a third subnet to have enough free IP addresses.

Here is my setup so far: = GREEN = BLUE (WIFI, IPADS so far, AccessPoints etc.) = ORANGE DMZ

So for now i would like to have a for instance with DHCP and routing inside the BLUE network. A second BLUE subnet if you like.

Is that possible, and if how?


If it is about number of IPs only, just define your BLUE network just as or


That makes sense.

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OK, so i will do something like:


I can use the subnet, 101.1-254, 102.1-254 and 103.1-254, right?
What about DHCP? How can i configure this right in IPFire in that case?

If you use /22, your IP can vary in the last 10(=32-22) bits. That means your net allows 1022 client IPs ( 1024=2^10 minus network address minus broadcast address ).
DHCP allows you do define a subset of these 1022 addresses as dynamic allocated. The remainder can be used for fixed leases ( which I would recommend, it makes things sometimes easier ).

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Consider lowering your dhcp renewal time if you have a higher turn over of clients coming and going.
No point in giving a long lease to someone who pops in for an hour a day.


Maybe also consider using a private net in the – range (about 1 million clients) or the – range (~16 million clients)

Another important consideration is the increase in broadcast traffic with all the device discovery going on with bonjour et al.

In a large subnet, make sure both your wireless solution and your switching/routing can handle/mitigate this.

Thanks a lot for all your comments!
I´ve switched now to a CIDR 22 notation and it works like a charm. I have plenty of addresses i can use and a lot of space for switches etc. free.