I could use some help with VLANs

Currently running IPF 2.25-144 with 3 ethernet cards

  1. Red - DHCP
  2. Green - 192.168.111.x
  3. Blue - 192.168.112.x
    eth3 is the internal network card with I am currently not using.

Here is my questions:

I have successfully connected a Cisco 3750X switch and a Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller with 3 Cisco 3702i APs. Everything is working but now I am questioning the setup!!!

When I installed the 3750X, it defaulted to creating a VLAN1. The Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller (which is connected to the Green network), I had it setup with “untagged” VLAN

As I am reading more about VLANs, I understand that untagged is equivalent to VLAN 0.


IPFire has Green set as “Native”, Cisco switch is connected to Green but setup as VLAN1 and Cisco WLC (management port 1 connected to port Gi1/1/1) set up as VLAN 0.

Should all the VLAN numbers match? If I wanted to have IPFire set as VLAN 1, should I change the setting in the Zone configuration from “default” to VLAN1?

Would anything break if I made that change?