HULU Port forwarding

I know that this subject is old, but to date I have not been able to get an actual firewall rule to work on IPFIRE. I have done some research on the Ports. In addition I called and spoke with one of the network Tech’s from HULU, he indicated that any of the ports forward should work, but suggested Port: 1935 - Protocol: RTMP - Transport: TCP/UDP (Both).

The biggest issue i am facing is IPFIRE does not support the RTMP Protocol. All other Open Source Firewall’s program support RTMP.

Port, Protocol & Transport

19350-65535 RTMFP UDP


All what you need you find here

You can setup whatever you need on your own.

Just RTFM :wink:


I use the Devil. miniupnpd plugin
Roku works fine.

Dont get me wrong. It seems the OP are not very well experienced in configure a firewall. So if you think it helps to use a addon todo the magic for you, you can also recommend the next shiny plasticbox. You are not automatically secure because you use IPF. So i absolute not recommend UPNP especially in this case. You have to teach the people to learn something…

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Service name =ROKU
Ports = TCP 1935,80,443,8134,1111
UDP 1935,19350-65535

Would the next step be to create a service group and add the ROKU ip?

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You should focus first on the first step before we talk about the second :wink: It seems you are not carefully read the wiki.

Valid options are a single port or port ranges

So what you wrote

is not possible.

Service =RTMP tcp1935
RTMP udp 1935
RTMFP udp 19350-65535
RTMP tcp 1111
Create service group
ROKU add all required services


So you manage the second step already alone. Perfect :wink:

I would first try as less as possible. So in this case i dont know the requirements from this provider. So i would start with what the OP said. Ports 1935 udp/tcp. My own experience with similar things, you find often infos that you have to open thousands ports. And sometimes it works with the half or you dont need any. For example i use voip and have not any port open from outside.

So if you have all necessary steps together (provider network also?), its in the end only a forwarding with using the service group ROKU you have created.

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That is very helpfull. Thank you for your time. :blush:

I have tried all that. Previously i was using IPCop and it worked fine with the firewall rules that i created. When I switched to IPFire in 2012 I was using IPFire 2.11 Core update 65 and up until IPFire 2.23 Core update 135 it worked fine. The rule no longer works. I have tried the DMZ Pinhole, all of the tricks, no joy. I have tried it on the “EVIL” PFSense & OPNSense works great but I want to stay with IPFire. Hulu loads fine but does not play, as there is no RTMP protocol or transport provided in IPFire.


Hmmm I will try that, great idea…At least you didn’t give me a RTFM like Tulpenknicker did…



The problem is IPFire does not support RTMP or RTMFP

Hi @wl7ja,

you have already said that multiple times.

In case you just need to configure port forwardings, the firewall does not need to support the underlying protocol. If you are trying to speak BGP through a packet filter, and it permits the connection, it is not required to know anything about BGP either, for example.

Unless there is some connection tracking and packet rewriting involved with HULU, as it would be for some SIP or FTP use cases, adding support for RTMP or RTMFP in IPFire is not needed.

If I (we) am wrong, please describe more detailed why do you think I am/we are.

Regarding the RTFM advice from @anon33261557: I am pretty sure no harm was intended. A lot of people asking questions here did not read the manual indeed, and by reading your question, it looks like this applies to your case as well.

If it does not, please apologise the assumption. If it does, please go read the manual.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller


I made Additional services like this.
Not shure if they are all needed.
Then you make a group and add the services they need.
So maybe basic users have on Access to FTP.
Then your firewall rules can be made for groups instead of, or in addition too individual ips

I read and i read. but nothing beats a conversation.
Hopefully this helps others down the road and they can find this
in the new community forum.


I understand, and sometimes reading the manual doesn’t solve the issue, but informed replies like yours does. And support of the community, thus this forum. At the time I did not know the meaning of the acronym “RTFM”. After I found out what it meant, it pissed me off because of the content of the reply. I am sure you can understand that.


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If my content, the link to solve your problem, not fulfill your needs you should ask you one important question yourself. This nice guy @hvacguy gave you all the information you need for it.

So ask yourself, how was it possible with UPNP addon to run the HULU pixel to the screen. Was it a additional “secret Protocol” install what you search so hard for?

Latest here all should solved for you. But you was keep on repeating the same.

Btw. this RTFM is well known used in Internet. I cant find anything offended especially not together with a smilie. I think you should be able to interprete the smilie.

Sorry Tulpenknicker, My Nephew of 34 was diagnosed with brain cancer last Friday. And on Sunday when I was visiting my 90yr old Dad at his In Home Hospice he passed away from his Stage 4 Lung Cancer. I wasn’t in my usual state of mind at the time, even my girl friend said i should apologize. After thinking about it I have seen RTFM in messages before. But I do apologize. And I apologize to all forum members and Admins.

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