HPE microserver Gen 10 plus pentium

HPE microserver Gen 10 plus pentium seems like an awesome machine but I can’t figure out if that one will work with ipfire.
network card and cpu seems fine but how about disc controller?
Is there anything special about this machine that that will stop it from booting/installing ipfire?
Would be great if someone could help me with this questions.

It’s a fantastic machine to work with. Normally it comes with dual network card but adding extra network port is very easy.
I would recommend use USB drive to install IPFIRE.

this machine (gen 10 plus) has four ports standard and also a very common intel NIC afaik.
It can also be fitted with ilo5 if needed.
The only weird thing is that it has an external PSU but that can also be considered a plus if you want easy spare parts lying around.
I’m only worried about the so called raid card which might not be a real raid card and linux can be really picky with that. Mostly it’s recommended to disable HW raid but i wanted to hear if someone has tried this box already with or without raid.

edit: hardwarelist perhaps easier to answer.
CPU: Pentium G5420
NIC: 1Gb 4-Port Intel i350-AM4
Storagecontroller: HPE Smart Array S100i

Hello Henrik
We use multiple HPE Server MicroServer Gen10 Plus Intel Xeon E-2224 Performance Model.
They work great without problem. We do not use the raid option.
Hope this helps.

Thx! I think that’s all I need to know.
I ordered one just now, seems to be a fantastic firewall box, just need to figure out if the external power supply is bad or good.