How to successfully throttle uploads?

Hi there,

I’ve run into an issue where iphone backups flood my upload bandwidth. I’ve installed iftop, monitored the traffic and found the destination IP addresses to be in this range: on port 443 (HTTPS)

I’ve added a rule to QoS UI:

This does not have any effect at all. The uploads still show on the graph as being “webtraffic” (possibly matching on the HTTPS before the explicit subnet?)

Any ideas welcome


There is Download throttling in the Advanced web proxy configuration.
I have that setup in a Blue network I use For IOT devices.

Download /= Upload

Well I can reply to my own comment.

Simply put, subnets are not honoured when input. IP’s must be input individually, which in this case is untenable (I need to throttle

@Devs Is this a bug? The GUI accepts the subnet as an input, but it is ultimately non-functional.