How to stop IPS "SURICATA ICMPv4 invalid checksum" logs?

I have - Profile 72a721ca22ee04f59b30ada2f17f4a85fb1ebd07 and I am using Community Rules 2022-08-10 00:08:52.

It seems like my HarmonyHub ( Harmony Hub = remote control system for TV etc = is spamming the IPS logs every 30 seconds with:

Date: 08/11 10:08:02 Name: SURICATA ICMPv4 invalid checksum
Priority: 3 Type: Generic Protocol Command Decode
IP info: →
References: none found SID: 2200076

It started like a month ago, don’t know if it was after update of HarmonyHub or Ipfire.

I have searched in WUI - Firewall - Intrusion Prevention - Customize Ruleset, but can’t find what to turn off to stop the flood.

While it is annoying, it is also making it hard to see if there are other important stuff in the logs that I should know about.

Any tips for fixing this, that do not include threats and/or violence against the stupid HarmonyHub?

Good day,

You might want to check out these:

If you are running CU169, then it was probably the Ipfire upgrade that did it.

Have a nice day. PZ