How to setup VLAN

New to ipfire.
My x86 has 2 X gig nic. My setup is Red+Green.
I wan to add a VLAN. This Valn does not need to talk to any LAN resources and the LAN does not need to talk to Vlan. It’s basically will be used for IoT.
How do I do that?
I looked and googled but did not find a solution.

Re run setup add Blue or Orange zone.
Don’t assign nic to this zone and restart.
Config fron WUI “zone config” etc.

I did what you suggested but could not assign or modify the "blue’ zone. The check box to modify was greyed out.

Hi @meazz1

I believe what you are experiencing is related to a bug (#12568) that is being worked on and will hopefully get into Core Update 154.

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Thank you for the update.