How to restore from command line?

Hi guys,

I’m testing IPFire on my lab environment and after few days of testing, I’ve completed the setup but something went wrong and now I’m not anymore able to enter web interface and ping GREEN interface: no dhcp and IP is correct.
Now it’s time to test the restore fuction but I don’t know hw to run it from command line because I’m totally aware about linux…backup has been performed before the misconfiguration.

Googling I found a command script linuxmuster-ipfire that should be available into ipfire packet but running that command from root, it says that command is unknown.

Could anyone be so kind to point me in the right direction? thank you

Nothing to do with IPFire. The backup system is made of few scripts. You can read the code behind the Web User Interface (WUI) and if you can understand how the script does the restore, you could do the same in the command line:


However, maybe it is easier if you could mount and use a USB key to physically copy the backup files, restart the installation process from scratch (or maybe you could just run again setup) and then restore the configuration from the WUI, using the files you saved on the USB stick. Here you find the backup files (.ipf)


Do not change the names of the files.

Here the documentation for the WUI.


Thank you very much. I think the second option is the best and easiest way. I will try. Thank you again

Just done as you suggested and it was straight forward: my ipfire is installed virtually so I could download backup directly into the host computer and restore it after IPFire reinstallation.

Thanks you

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