How to provide DLNA from green to blue

Hi there,
I’ll try my very best to explain in english… :slight_smile:

ipfire with red / green / blue / orange.
Within the green network there is a media server that works with DLNA. However, there are not only clients in the green network that access this server, but also in the blue network (wlan). With some clients I have the option of setting up the IP of the media server, so dlna is not required here. However, there are also some clients on the way in the WiFi, which I classify as untrustworthy (for example children’s tablets, TV,…). On the software side, they do not have the option of specifying the IP address of the media server; so they need the DLNA.

Now I’m looking for a way to get the DLNA from one subnet to the other, i.e. from green to blue. I know that this is not actually intended because it is a security risk. But I have no idea how else to do it …

Now, specifically, my questions:

  • What options would there be to provide DLNA across the ipfire in both subnets?
  • I looked at the add-on imgpproxy. It is actually intended for IP TV. Is there a possibility to modify the add-on in such a way that it “lifts” the DLNA from green to blue and does not work from red to green?

I hope I have expressed myself clearly…?