How to provide default config when issuing new OVPN certs?

When creating a new road warrior OVPN cert, I get the following form with almost all inputs being empty. Only some default values are available, like the current organisation, the country or the number of days a cert should be valid.

Is there any way to populate the other fields of interest to me as well?

I couldn’t find anything in the settings of the web-UI. Though, there’s the file “/var/ipfire/ovpn/openssl/ovpn.cnf” and that file contains my default in other systems when I create OpenSSL certs for OVPN manually. I’m wondering about two things:

  1. if changing this file is the only approach and supported at all and
  2. why that file contains an organisation and country code NOT presented in the form of the screenshot, e.g. “My Company Ltd”.


I believe these settings are copied from the CA/host certificate.

The organisation shown and used for the root and host certificate are in deed the same, but not the default expiry days. The config even contains “999999”. Copying the other values from the CA cert makes sense if you consider the config to be overwritten at will, though I can’t test that anymore.

From my point of view, having a config file with such values would be better. Those values might easily change because an organisation name changes or alike, in my case it’s even wrong right now in theory. Having a file allows changes and easy backups, in my case the whole IPFire is backed up usinc RSYNC to some NAS, which does Snapshots using BTRFS, so one gets a history of config file changes and alike. The rules for the firewall are even maintained in SVN.