How to make manual iptables changes permanent

Hi there!
I am still new to ipfire, but have had my own-grown iptables-firewall for at least ten years now. So I am not new to iptables as such. So when I had issues with the GUI-configured iptables, I just solved them by editing the iptables manually.
Now, when I upgraded from core159 to core160, those changes were gone. And while that was not totally unexpected, I would want to have a way to make my changes permanent through upgrades and possibly other events like adding other rules by GUI for example.
Is there an accepted way of doing that?
Thanks for any hint,

Place any changes that can’t be done via the WUI in firewall.local

See wiki link


Hello Bonnietwin,
thanks for the hint, I will give it a try and report back if it is a solution to my problem. That depends on when in the whole “loading the firewall” procedure the firewall.local script is called.
Nevertheless I would love to also get a hint on my original post about those weird entries that show up in my iptables in the first place. Because I rather would not have to edit manually but to understand the whole situation - would make me feel more comfortable.

I think those “weird entries” will be part of the overall structure of IPFire.

If you think they are incorrect then you could join the Developers Mailing List and then ask the questions there. You will then be talking to the people involved with the core structure of IPFire. They do also look at the forum but not all the time and not every post as they are a small team and are very busy.