How to limit only TX on RED, meaning upload to WAN

I can only find ways to limit download speed or RX on red searching Ipfire

How do I limit only TX on RED, meaning upload to WAN and leave RX on red at full speed (ie download from WAN is unaltered)

My connection has a huge upload speed which I dont use and want to limit to exactly my average dayly use as all the potential is a liability.

How do I do it in Ipfire.?

Are you using QoS?

No, but reading the manual I cannot figure out if it is possible to just set RED TX only to a fixed maximum.
Is it possible to do that with QoS ?

Yes here if you want a global change.


Thank you very much.
This makes things much easier.
Works like a charm.

It is so easy, I cannot understand why I couldnt figure this out from the manual.
Now it is obvious,

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