How to implement a /30 WAN point-to-point IP block and a /29 static public IP block

According to Comcast, “The router should at least have 2 layer 3 WAN Network Interfaces. 1 for the /30 WAN Interconnect and another for the /29 Public IPs. A static route will need to be built between the two Network Interfaces. You will need to configure one of usables as second WAN interface, then build a static route from P2P WAN 0 to WAN 1 CU (customer usable).”

AFAIK, I need to configure the Red NIC as the /30 WAN interconnect and use port forwarding or NAT to associate the /29 public IPs to hosts on the LAN or DMZ. Am I missing something?

Yes, the “primary IP address” you are receiving goes on the RED interface. You can then either set up your network as aliases ( - Aliases) or you can assign the /29 to one of the network zones. Given the size of the network you probably want your DMZ to be larger than two hosts, so I would recommend the first option.