How to get Internet by Iphone modem

I install IPFIRE server from the last iso package.
GREEN network is my home network with notebooks connected by ethernet to hub and hub is connected to IPFIRE
RED network i think will be mobile LTE modem thru my iphone.
I found driver for iphone here
But how I can install it for my IPFIRE.
Please help me.
With my regards, Vyacheslav.

I am not sure if anyone has ever tried this.

In theory you could tether using WiFi. That should always work out of the box.

Thank you Michal.
Can you teach me about wifi? I’m newbee in ipfire. :flushed:

The idea would be to use a wireless card as RED on IPFire and set up the personal hotspot on the iPhone. That would however not charge it at the same time.

But is this an option for you?

That driver that you linked is enabled in IPFire. You should see an Ethernet device when the iPhone is being plugged in.

Michael when I connect my iPhone by cable to IPFIRE nothing is happen.
In comand line i send ifconfig and saw two interfaces green0 and lo
The green0 is connected to my home network.
The lo ic localhost.
When I start command lsusb then a saw string:
Bus 002 Device 009: ID 05ac:12a8 Apple, Inc. iPhone5/5C/5S/6
How I can setup new interface with name RED or another and link it with my iPhone?

p.s. Driver for iphone ipheth i can’t compile because at driver in c sources.
And I can’t use make command in IPFIRE. How to I can do this?

Any body here?
I can’t use USB modem Huawei and can’t use USB modem iPhone as RED interface.
Who can help me.

RED binded to a ethernet device in DHCP client, Repeater/AP configured in client mode, hotspot active on iPhone.
This solution could/should work for everyone, but it has some downsides.
Otherwise… you have to buy an Ethernet capable LTE router.

Hello Pike
I have a PC with one Ethernet card.
I setup IPFIRE on it and tune GREEN with
This card I connected by cable to AP with ip
My home network connected to AP and get IP from pool
The problem is ‘I can’t setup RED interface’
I have two potential methods:

  1. use LTE/3G Huawei modem
  2. use USB cable for my iPhone
    But i can’t tune it.
    Can you help me?

No, i’m sorry. Never tried to use LTE/3G adapters on IPFire.

I’m also very interested in this option, although I’d like to have BOTH options available. I need to set up a scenario at an office that is frequently vacant such that when a user comes in they can either plug in the USB tether to their iPhone or connect wirelessly depending on how mobile they want or need to be at the time.

Has anyone worked through the details for this yet such that this is clean and simple with both options available?


regarding an internet connection via mobile/cellular networks: Are you aware of
the corresponding documentation?

Besides from that, connecting RED to a wifi network works, but as far as I am
aware, you cannot use it as a fallback. The latter is only supported for dial-up
connections such as PPPoE.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Still hoping that soon a Dual/multiple red interfaces will be available between features of IpFire…

Well @pmueller, I’m not really following how this fits in with iPhone / iOS tethering. It appears that it requires ipheth and some such configuration. Am I missing something for iOS in that link?

Not that I am aware of. Perhaps setting up a serial link works, but I have no experience here.

I can’t configure my scheme with iPhone.
But temporary my users connect their iPhones to local computers working under Windows and searching the Internet.
It is not secured!
But I can’t find another method soon.
Probably, i’ll download another firewall.
Best regards.