How To enable captive portal

Is there a HowTo to get the captive portal into a functioning one?
The Wiki is not enought. I enable the captive portal on BLUE and activate DHCP for the BLUE interface. But I get no access. I assume that there are more tasks to do?

Have you added the mac addresses for the machines on blue into the Blue Access page or disabled the MAC address filtering

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No, this should be a captive portal.
(I have switched of the MAC-filtering as described here

Then I would expect it to be working. It certainly worked for me in the past when I tested that.

I will try out doing a captive portal on my vm testbed blue connection to see if something has changed since I last tested it.

I tested it out on my vm running CU173 and it worked fine for me. The only hiccup I had was that as it was an existing working blue connection, I had the web proxy defined on my browser on the blue machine and that of course didn’t work as it couldn’t access until after the captive portal coupon had been signed in.

Once I changed the proxy setting to system proxy then the captive portal immediately came up and I could enter the coupon code and I was then able to browse with no problem.

For having the proxy defined I would need to go back and allow the http site I use for getting the access ( to bypass the proxy.

If you don’t have the proxy enabled on your browser on the blue machine then I don’t know why it isn’t working.

Maybe have a look in the logs for the blue machine to see what messages are there for when the stop occurs.

OK, it looks like it is not possible to use the WLAN for both static and captive portal connections.

What do you mean by static portal connection?

I want archive that existing clients can use the WLAN as it is configured now without the captive portal (Static IP) AND with an enabled captive portal a guest client can access via DHCP and a voucher.
But I found if I enable the captive portal the existing connections are not able to reach the internet.
So I have to reconfigure all existing WLAN clients to use a (unlimited) session

Then i understand what you wanted. You are correct The Captive Portal as it is currently coded applies to all clients on a subnet if it is enabled.