How to create whitelist to IP for "IP Address Blocklists"?

Hey guys!!!.

I have a problem with a “legal” page that is cataloged as "BLKLST_BLOCKLIST_DE " and if I don’t uncheck this category I have no way to access it.

The page is: “” and rather, “” which has the Public IP

I have tried to create a Firewall rule allowing access but no luck, I think this “IP Address Blocklists” filter is applied before the Firewall rules, isn’t it?

Therefore, the question would be how to create a white list for this “IP Address Blocklists” module?

Thank you very much to all.

Just for completeness:

On the following page you can see the history of recent attacks from the ip address

On the following page you can report the removal of a blocklisted ip address. e.g.

If you have resolved the problem on your server/PC, then you can remove the IP address from our list in advance of the automatic 48 hour expiry.
The change will happen within 60 minutes, at the next generation of the lists.

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