How to configure secure DNS requests?


I want to configure ipfire to use secure DNS requests. Therefore I set up two DNS server addresses: ( and ( Both support DNSSEC and DNS over TLS. How can I configure ipfire to use this standard? Currently I can see under status/connection that the DNS Server requests are sent to Port 53, not 853.

Thanks for your help!

You’ll need to use the custom script here to get this setup and working. That thread also references the old IPfire forum where most of the DoT development updates were logged in the old forums thread.

Thanks a lot! Hopefully it will be added in one of the future releases for easy configuration!

Hi all,
since Core 141 is now in testing tree and it delivers also DNS-over-TLS, i would recommend to uninstall the development version before updating. This can be done via the script from here --> .

Thanks to all for testing and your help. Well done :slightly_smiling_face: .