How to - chromecast in RED-GREEN-BLUE config?

I’m happy IPFire user. :slight_smile:
I just got a chromecast device but I have a some difficulty getting it to work in my home network.
My ipfire router is configured with RED-GREEN-BLUE interfaces and I want to make it possible to cast from my phone (connected to WIFI) to my TV (connected to ehternet).
I know it works when everything is connected to the WIFI. :slight_smile:
Any information will be very useful to me. Thank you in advance for your help.

I assume your phone connects to blue and your TV connects to green.
You need a rule to allow blue->green. See link below.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for the quick reply. I tried that few days ago but no success. This is the state of my firewall:


As I know IPFire don’t allow multicast broadcast packages between the two networks so any ideas will be highly appreciated.

I don’t know chromecast but this works very well for Apple iPhones, Apple TV, Mac.

My iPhone is in BLUE and my Apple TV is in GREEN.

EDIT: you will need the firewall rule also. And it can be more restrictive.

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Thank you, Jon.
I will try this and report here.

Thank you very much, Jon. Just installed mdns and enabled the traffic between the networks and everything works now.

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You may want to make your firewall rule more restrictive. Maybe something like this:

Yes. I did it very restrictive.

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I forgot to mention…

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