How to add extra physical NIC with separate internet connectivity

Hi there,

I have Red, Green, Blue, Orange; all physical NICs setup already.

I’m running a libvirt/QEMU VM that has access to green but I would like to connect an extra NIC (TPLink USB 100/1000M) that will have a different internet gateway that I can connect a Docker container to.

In other words: I have a second internet connection (simple modem dialout) that I want to bring into my IPFire, via an extra NIC, into the VM that has the Docker instance. I that want to link to the extra NIC to that VM.

Another way of putting it: I want the extra physical NIC to be able to be used by the VM, and recieve a dynamic IP address from the modem router it is connected to.

Because I’m new to the forum, I cannot upload images. Below are links the public area in my Dropbox - the only way I can share the screen shots.

Zone Configuration:

I want the NIC to be available in this list:

I realised that perhaps I’m looking at the problem the wrong way: I need the 2nd LAN connection on the VM.

I should be passing the USB NIC to the VM, not adding a Zone from IPFire.

Also you can not add a zone IPFire 2.x does only support that 4 zones.

This is a VM guest ?
Not sure how to do this.
Maybe someone at a different forum?

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