How to add an additional network and route on LAN device?

I use as my normal LAN network. How can I configure a second network on the LAN/green ethernet device in ipfire and setup a route, so that all my devices in 192.168.27.x can access a device with IP ?

I use a “Speedport Smart 3” in modem mode to connect to my VDSL provider (Telekom). The Speedport in modem mode configures LAN port 4 for WAN PPPOE dial-in and LAN port 1 with IP to provide a website with modem information (sync bandwidth, …). I want to access this website ( from my devices in 192.168.27.x .

Since the traffic won’t go trough ipfire it has nothing to do with it at all. Why don’t you give LAN port 1 a static IP of the green network?

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LAN1 is directly connected to the switch of the green network. The traffic should be routed directly by the switch without going through the routing table of IPFire. However, if I am wrong and you cannot ping because it always goes to first, you can try to add a static route to IPFire by going to the web user interface of IPFire and choosing /Network/Static Routes. Put as host IP and as a gateway.

of course, @xperimental solution would be my preference, if the modem allows you to do that.


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Are you sure it is good practice to connect LAN1 modem to GREEN IPfire network?

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definitely I would not do it. This is what @lexaiden wants to do and as usual there is a tradeoff between convenience and security. For me, security is absolutely N1.


No. I would put it in orange but this requires an additional LAN port.


I am new to ipfire and have used fli4l before. With fli4l I had the same wiring running, by adding an additional network ( to the LAN ethernet device and adding a route.

Unfortunately I cannot change the IP address of the Speedport Smart 3 in modem mode, it is hard coded.

So… there is really no way to configure an additional IP range (169.254.2.x) on the LAN ethernet device?

I tried static route:

  • Host IP address / Network:
  • Gateway:
  • Remark: VDSL Modem


  • Host IP address / Network:
  • Gateway:
  • Remark: VDSL Modem

…but it does not work.

Good to know that.

As far as I know: No. But you don’t need to. You can give any client in green a second static IP within and it can access your Modem webinterface.


That’s right, that’s what I’m currently doing. But I don’t want to enter this manually on each of my clients. But it’s not like I check the modem every 5 minutes… in that case, it only works on the clients that I have configured for it.

I would stay with the fli4l, but my new hardware (DELL WYSE 5070) support UEFI only and unfortunately the fli4l does not support UEFI. I don’t want to send the hardware back, so I looked around for an alternative router software.

Just a curiosity, what happens if you put in the gateway of the static rule

Never heard of fli4l before. We are closed to kernel version 6 and they run a 3.x and don’t support efi? Wow that’s odd.

IPFire is a firewall software, not a router software, like Alpine Linux.

Get a USB network card and set it up for orange and connect the webserver interface of your modem to it.


I tried the following and nothing works (A few don’t make any sense at all, just tried them.):

If it doesn’t work out-of-the-box, then I’ll live with the static IP on the clients where I need the access to the modem. I will not add another network card for the feature.

Thanks for the responses/help. Unfortunately my feature is not possible, otherwise I would mark someone as a solution.

If you activate all of them at the same time, I do not know they would work even if one of them is good.

The rules individually do not work either. I also tried to add the address manually.

ip addr add dev green0

Then I can ping the modem from ipfire, but not from the 192.168.27.x client, it is not routed. I think the firewall blocks the packages? But it’s probably a stupid idea to configure iptables/ip on the command line? What the standard configuration dialogs of ipfire do not support should probably be omitted?