How to Add a Manual Persistent ARP Entry

I have been looking in IPFire Community Forum here, and I don’t see any topics.

I have a need to add an ARP entry in IPFire, so my Red0 can see the gateway of my ISP. Honestly, I don’t think that should need to be done, but after running into the same booting issue of Modem and Firewall, I am finding that I should probably do that.

Can anyone point me to some documentation of how to do that in IPFire? It doesn’t seem to be in the WUI.

I need something that can do the equivalent of something like this.

arp -i red0 -s ‘Internet IP’ ‘MAC’

I just manually run the command from IPFire SSH.

The entry it added is:

gateway ether ‘MAC Address’ CM red0

As far as I can make out for the flags,
C means a syntactically correct and complete entry
M means a permanent manual entry (It Doesn’t say Persistent, so I am wondering about that!)

Can anyone confirm or deny if what I am seeing about M is true or false? I just want a Persistent Sticky ARP entry that won’t go away on reboot.



You can add a mac address under the option Networks.

Assign MAC Address


Normal arp is only a cache that entries times out after some minutes so permanent means that the entry will not removed.

This cache never survive a reboot.

I hope it is early enough to add this to the start section of /etc/sysconfig/firewall.local
If this is to late you have to use an other initskript that run earlier.

From Command Line Interface, run setup > Networking > Gateway settings?

Thanks Arne for the thoughts

Ya know, I guess that was too simple, so I looked right over the obvious LOL. Thanks for lining me out!

That won’t work I don’t think. I have a Dynamic DHCP address. According to setup, it would only be used if Red is static.


I understand that portion but a mac table and an arp table isn’t exactly the same.