How to activate IPv6?

Is it possible to aktivate IPv6 on Red?
I need it because i´m behind CGNAT.


have a look at IPv6 development

small: no :frowning:

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This is a pity!
is there another way to bypass cgnat without a fixed ipv4?

which Provider do you have? Maybe you can tell him that you need a ipv4 adress for your buisness. For example, Hosting your cloud or something. when i was a unitymedia (now vodafone)-customer also that has worked. All I have to do, was writing a letter to the support.

but that doesn’t workig anymore i think, see Umstellung von DS-Lite auf IPV4 only möglich - Vodafone Community

I think you have to talk with your ISP.

My Provider is
I can get a ipv4 adress for 4,95€ per Month.
I’ll call again because,i got the information, before I got the connection, that I would get ipv4.

Hi Ghost

I have the same problem with my provider Free in France.
So for the moment, I cannot use the mode bridge with my box (Freebox). So I keep it in mode router
Solution : I will activate the DMZ (for example and put IpFire in it (red zone)
For green zone, DHCP I will activate from to 50


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wat i found out is, that ipsec ipfire to ipfire works if i switch Dynamic DNS Settings to
" guess the real public ip with help of an external server"

But with my MobilePhone it´s not possible to connect to my ipfire
A vpn conection ipfire to FritzBox is also not posible.

I think that IPv6 really needs to happen soon if ipfire is going to have any future. I will be put behind CGNAT within a couple of months which will most likely add latency and other issues :frowning:
It seems that version 3 development is not going forward and I understand why but that does not mean that IPv6 is not a must in a modern router OS. I would be willing to donate 50€ if this would give me IPv6 support.

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Is ipv6 is planned in the near future?
or do we have to wait for ipfire 3?

yes - wait for ipfire 3

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Someone should ask IPFire wiki maintainers why they deleted my tutorial about how to get IPv6 going on IPFire, even though there’s still no official support.

My tutorial was on the previous forum, which (the entire forum) seems to have gotten deleted without warning through email and the info (that made it to the wikipages) has since then also been deleted from IPFire’s wiki so it seems, since I cannot find the info anymore…

The old forum is not in the webarchive, however, the wikipage in question is. Not sure if the info is still working with the current IPFire version, but if someone would like to try some tinkering, have a look at basic Solution based on a bridge and ebtables []

Particularly these sections:

  • activate ipv6 at kernel level
  • configure router announcements for ipv6 SLAAC
  • ipv6 firewall
  • To set up the IPv6 tunnel I’m still using I just copied the commands from the provider and put those in rc.local, followed by the ip6tables firewall rules.

Please note that I cannot guarantee this still works, I gave up on IPFire years ago (for various reasons) and have been running Debian as a router for the last 4-5 years with quite a bit of satisfaction :slight_smile:

I don’t think so. Active users have been informed a long time before the old forum got disabled (notification on top of the main page). Even when the forum was disabled for new registrations and posts, it was still accessible (the timeline was planed for one year, guess it was for about 2 years).

So why do you actually care. IPv6 is not supported via the webui. If I wanted to have a firewall via cli I could use any distribution of linux.

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Information, about "IPFire Community Portal " appeared on Blog on November 4, 2019

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@xperimental @tphz I wrote email, not on the site itself :wink: Back then the only reason why I still checked the (old) forum was for the topic with my tutorial, with notifications through email on.

Too bad there still hasn’t been any change when talking IPv6, the reason I placed a reminder of the tutorial and webarchivelink, which I wrote back in 2014, is the increase in complaints (not just on this forum) about the lack of IPv6 support.

How can it be that something that every type of router should support nowadays, still hasn’t been implemented even though I proved it to be working 8(!) years ago?

Plus getting rid of the old forum does not explain why the wiki-maintainers seem to have deleted the info about IPv6.


@anon92488978 - thank you for your posts. Skimming through the tutorial (it is dated before I joined the IPFire project), it comes as a surprise to me that it just accepts any ICMPv6 traffic. This is dangerous, as a variety of attacks based on malicious use of ICMPv6 are known; see, for example, this configuration guide for ICMPv6 types that should be permitted in a secure configuration.

Your tutorial may well work. However, as @xperimental already noted, doing things so that they “just work” is not the point here, as we intend to provide our users with a firewall distribution that comes with secure defaults. Permitting any kind of ICMPv6 traffic, unfortunately, isn’t one.

As for the old forum, as far as I am aware, there simply was no choice about it. It ran on phpBB, a security nightmare deluxe, and had to go at some point.

I kind of frown upon the attitude here - it is both arrogant and ignorant to treat an open-source distribution that is literally ran by an all-voluntary team comprising of less than ten people (all of them having a dayjob plus families or partners, by the way), with donations barely enough to cover our hosting costs, as a commercial product. If these people would be actually willing to bring this forward, I am pretty sure they know how to do so. Just complaining gets us nowhere.

Again, “working” is not enough.

And with this comment of yours, I am closing this thread, as I am absolutely not willing to spend another minute on my lifetime on such nonsense discussions, “justifying” ourselves for the lack of IPv6. You owe us nothing, we owe nothing to you. Take what you can get, or contribute in a useful way, or shut up.

Peter Müller