How does IPFire monitor internet connections?

Over in this thread I have fond that my IPFire system is unable to detect when the internet link is dropped. Because of this it never tries to reconnect.

How does IPFire detect an outage and attempt to reconnect when configured for an internet connection over DHCP/bridging mode?

Thank you!

It doesn’t. There is no point in doing it, because it cannot do anything about it.

It will hold the connection for forever and will try to renew the DHCP lease for forever.

Thanks for the precise answer!

So does IPFire just rely on dhcpcd to renew as necessary or is there more involved?

Also could you please explain why you say “it cannot do anything about it”?

I’m thinking of trying to come up with a basic watchdog script to periodically ensure that dhcpcd is running, then the external gateway can be pinged; then if not, do the equivalent of a network red restart. This may not be necessary for most users, but I find my connection is unreliable at the moment.

Thank you

The DHCP client will be running all of the time. There is no need to have a watchdog for it. If it crashes, then there is a bug which should be fixed and not worked around like this.

If the Internet connection is down, it cannot fix this. That is either cabling, your ISP, power down, etc. There is no technical way to fix this from the firewall.