How do you change your profile picture?

Tried reading IPFire Community (discourse) User Guide
But it doesn’t seem to include information on how to do it…
It’s been so long since I’ve last used Discourse and it seems to have changed where you change it and I can’t find it.

Any leads? Maybe I need to have spent more time here to be able to gain that as a privilege?

Hi @sphericalumbra ,

Welcome to the IPFire Community.

Go to the Preferences section - Press the large S picture at the top and then press the head symbol on the right.
Then select Preferences
Then Profile.
Place the image you want to have in the Profile Header
then press Save Changes.

I think you have to log out and log back in for it to take effect and I seem to recall that it is not immediate but it does change.

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I’m afraid to say that doing so will only change the Profile Header and not the profile picture.
T’was able to figure it out accidentally by forgetting that the Discourse instance was community-ipfire-org and not

Turns out, Discourse syncs profile picture information provided on and I was able to set my profile picture there.

Feel free to close this thread now.

Ah sorry. I must have done it the same way and forgotten. It was a little time ago now.

Glad you figured it out and made it work.

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