How do i do flash amlogic

how to flash amlogic? sorry I just tried ipfire please help seniors

@rsyd, welcome to the IPFire community.

What do you mean by amlogic? What do want to flash?

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amlogic SoC’s like on the Odroid C2 need signed bootloaders.
The tools to sign u-boot is not open source.

You have to copy a correct signed u-boot binary to the flashcard after unpacking the IPFire flash image.

I have not tested IPFire on amlogic yet so i think the bootloader is not the only problem…


I have tried using uboot linux armbian, but there is a problem like this, I’m also confused about being tricked

The console name is not correct for amlogic boards. Im not sure wich is used but it should ttyAMA0 - ttyAMA4

Try to add
to uENV.txt,

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