How do I disable SPAMy e-mail messages from this web site?

I’m talking about the ones that have nothing to do with the forum. They get sent with a no_reply e-mail and no way to unsubscribe in them. I’ve looked in the preferences and as far as I can tell I’ve disabled what I can. I only want to receive e-mails regarding threads in the forum I am following.

Thank you in advance.

I am not sure which emails you are referring to, but there is an unsubscribe link on all promotional emails we are sending.

Hey Michael,

Here’s the last one I received in it’s entirety:

Hello John,

there is a new post from Michael Tremer on the IPFire Blog:

IPFire on AWS: Update to IPFire 2.23 - Core Update 138

Today, we have updated IPFire on AWS to IPFire 2.23 - Core Update 138 - the
latest official release of IPFire.

Click here to read more:

There is no unsubscribe link. And as far as I know I did not opt in to receiving anything but forum thread e-mails.

The email you received has this link (at the bottom),


No, it absolutely does not. What I posted in my prior message is how I received it. Here’s another one I received today:

Hello once again, John,

we hope you are enjoying using IPFire.

Did you know that you can get help from our community at
People like me often post on here, providing help and support.

But we also rely on you donations. Please consider helping us by setting up a small monthly donation:

Thank you, we really appreciate your support,

It has no unsubscribe link.


Thank you though for posting the unsubscribe link here. I was able to use it and unsubscribed.

Hello John,

do you use an email program that only shows the text version of the email or do you view the HTML version?


Yes. E-mail client that only displays text only e-mail.

I have added the link to the text-only version to the emails, too.

Today’s email had it.

Awesome! It’s a good idea not to leave anybody out in what they can see or read.