How can I connect a Netgear router to the proxy?

How can I connect a Netgear router to the proxy?

Hello IPFire friends,

I want my Netgear JWNR2010 router to connect directly to the proxy. The proxy, or IPFire runs on a FSC S550-2, here are 2 network cards installed (once the board own network card + a second). Both are running, so I have two networks (red + green).

In the mentioned Netgear router, I can enter access data and it also connects to the Internet, just over the IPFire. What I can not specify there, however, is the port of the proxy.

Has anyone ever made such a setting? The proxy is transparent in my IPFire settings. But when I load the Eicar test virus, for example, it gets to the plate. I have already found settings, with which I have adapted CLAMAV, or SQUITFLAM. Nevertheless, this comes through …

What works independently of the proxy, I have already done, is the AdBlock filter. So my configuration has to go largely …

But I still want that everything (via the proxy) is filtered, or the CLAMAV also filters everything.

Thank you for your information. Oh yes, is there a German speaking IPFire forum? I found one, but I can not register there …

Achso: I translate the whole here by means of Google Translate into English. Unfortunately I am not really powerful in the language …

MFG Ronny

The German forum is the old one. Since November 2019 it is read only. As documentation and knowledge archive.


Thanks for the answer. Is there a German speaking area here?

No, sorry.
english is THE ‘native’ language under development, administration, programming etc.
We(the user here) decided to use this. See on other thread.

Auch wenn’s mir ebenso schwer fällt englisch zu schreiben.

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